Logging a call out request

You have found a leak, your tap is leaking or you have discovered some other plumbing problem that needs attending to. What do you do now?

It is easy to become frustrated or feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to water problems. But, have no fear, we are here to help.

Steps to log a call out

  • Call 082 822 9130 and speak to Werner or send him a message if he is unable to answer your call
  • He will take down all your details and enter it into our scheduling system. Please be as detailed and as accurate as possible. We allocate time to your call out based on the information you provide. If you log a leaking toilet and then when we are on-site request another toilet or issue be repaired, we may not be able to attend to it as our time will be committed elsewhere.
  • We will try our hardest to be with you at the scheduled time, but due to the nature of our job, things can take longer than anticipated. We will try our hardest to communicate any delays as soon as possible.

Steps to log an after/hours emergency

  • Call 082 333 8979
  • If you call is not answered, please send an sms or whatsapp message to 082 333 8979 explaining the emergency.
  • We will respond to it and let you know whether we are able to attend to it.
  • NOTE: Please be respectful of our time. Our teams work hard all week, if you wish to discuss a quote request or any work that is not an emergency, kindly call during normal working hours 7:30am to 4pm and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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